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BudXpress has set out to become Canada’s premiere online supplier of cannabis products.

How do we intend to do that? By striving to deliver a level of service we would want as customers ourselves.

Day One Shipping

If you place an order and make payment by 12 o’clock Pacific time we’ll see that your package goes in the mail that same day. We try to see that orders received later in the day go out that same day, but if you’ve placed and paid for your order by noon we guarantee it.

We ship only Quality Products from Canadian Growers & Producers

Canada-Map-with-Flag-700x300As the industry south of the border grows, and more investors from south of the border are looking to move into the Canadian market, BudXpress is committed to working with our own, homegrown producers. We believe in sourcing our strains from Artisan Growers, not giant warehouse grows.

If you’ve ever bought product from one of the big companies and received a jar of pre-ground cannabis, you already know the difference a lack of care makes. By grinding the product themselves they are able to pass off badly grown product with their A grade. They’ll tell you pre-ground product is about convenience—what they won’t tell you is that it’s theirs, not yours.

Similarly we are dedicated to bringing you top quality extracts and edibles, products that we are happy to consume ourselves, and proud to offer to our customers.


Competitive Prices

The more you spend, the more you save.

ReductionSpendBase $12/g becomesBase $10/g becomes
Free Shipping$175

* Pricing reduction does not apply to Xpress Pack Combo pricing.


Innovation Designed for Efficiency

Green Dollar Sign BudXpressIf you’ve ordered from some of the big outfits in the Cannabis delivery business, you know that unwanted product substitutions are a frequent problem. The reasons for this are many – they don’t keep accurate track of their inventory, leading to the need to substitute when they run out of product; and they sometimes substitute even when they have the product their customers want in stock, because they need to rid themselves of slow selling product before it goes stale.

To avoid that we’ve introduced our BudXpress Combo Packs. You get 7, 14, or 28 grams of A Grade product, and we get to choose what to ship you. It ensures that we never find ourselves in the position of shipping off product you don’t want, because we need to sell it in a timely manner! You help us with our inventory control, and in return you enjoy big savings.

And because we have an actual computerized inventory system we know exactly what strains, and how much, we have on hand.

Isn’t that better than ordering and simply hoping you’ll receive what you paid for?