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Mail Order Marijuana Buds (Ganja, Herb, Weed, Pot) in Canada

BudXpress is bringing you medicinal cannabis to all of Canada, from the Northwest Territories and Alberta to Quebec and Newfoundland. BudXpress is offering an impressive selection of craft cannabis. Craft cannabis is more than just the grower and breeder, it’s the individual who harvests this wonderful organic cannabis or marijuana.

It’s also those who package and cure the product too. By utilizing integrated organic disease management and pest control, growing in smaller areas that are maintained by master growers, and having artisans for the curing process and post-cultivation, craft cannabis gives marijuana an entirely new side.

Organics along with techniques handed down from breeder to breeder and grower to grower allow for strains of marijuana to reach their full genetic potential. One strain of marijuana is not like another. Even a strain of cannabis that you have tried and perhaps it didn’t satisfy the desired results you were after, can be amazing when it comes from a craft cannabis breeding and growing operation. BudXpress brings you these craft cannabis products.

British Columbia Canada and cannabis are synonymous with one another having a symbiotic relationship. Since back in the early sixties and seventies when Maple Leaf Wilson was introducing strains of marijuana from Canada to the west coast of California, Canada and cannabis have played a very substantial role with one another.

Many individuals such as Mendocino Joe aka Romulan Joe who is famous for the cannabis strain Romulan, have called Canada home. A home where they have grown some of the best marijuana on the planet. The cannabis strains available from BudXpress are of the highest quality. They exemplify the quality of breeding/growing from a collection of the best craft artisan growers and breeders in Canada.

These are not your regular run of the mill dispensary products that burn black or come packaged and dry. These are A Grade cannabis buds produced by artisan growers and breeders. The craft of growing marijuana is an art. When an individual has this gift they can provide a very powerful medication that works across a multitude of avenues.

For example, the famous strain of cannabis known as Green Crack aka Green Cush for those who don’t like the name Green Crack is one that you don’t want to just puff, puff and pass on. That is unless of course you just fired it up with a group of friends and are puff, puff and passing it around.

Green Crack is a very uplifting predominantly dominant indica strain that mimics more of a sativa cannabis strain providing many with inspiration as well as motivation. Considered to be ideal for thinkers and artists as well as those looking to hit the gym. This is an example of one of the divine and mighty fine, cannabis strains that you’ll find at BudXpress.

This craft strain of Mary Jane can be delivered directly to your address. Utilizing Canada Post XpressPost this high-quality cannabis flower can be ordered and shipped to you from the comfort and privacy of your home. BudXpress is making the experience of purchasing cannabis more convenient and safer than ever before. Organic marijuana and vegan marijuana are the essence of craft cannabis. Individuals who grow marijuana in this nature provide a unique experience for those who consume their craft product.

Not everywhere can you get this quality of ganja delivered to your Canadian mailing address. BudXpress makes this possible. Pink Kush, Sugar Jack, Hindu Kush, Trainwreck, and more in fact. With an impressive array of craft cannabis like this, it’s easy to see why BudXpress is becoming Canada’s #1 source for quality craft cannabis.

If there is something you want and it’s not on our menu, just ask, as we have access to dozens of strains and bud types and are eager to earn your business with exceptional products and customer service.