Cannabis Concentrates

Mail Order Marijuana Concentrates (Shatter, Budder, BHO, Wax, Hash Oil) in Canada

Update: More extracts will be back in stock later this week. (posted 4/20 2016)

Imagine living in Alberta, the Yukon or Northwest Territories and being able to use Canada Post XpressPost to get the best cannabis concentrates delivered directly to your address. The world of marijuana is an ever-changing one that is constantly evolving to new levels.

BudXpress is proud to offer the finest selection of top of the line high-quality cannabis concentrate products. The world of cannabis concentrates is no longer limited to just some old school hash and hash oil.

New methods of extraction such as BHO aka butane hash oil, co2 extraction methods, solvent-less extraction methods, and even water extraction are utilized in making multiple forms of cannabis concentrates. These concentrates go by the name of dabs or dabbing.

The art of dabbing is smoking cannabis concentrates. It sometimes can also refer to the amount a cannabis oil product that is taken daily. Concentrates have all sorts of nicknames. These are the most frequent known. Shatter, Pure, Budder, Bubble Hash and Wax. Each one has a different effect and taste profile associated with it.

Shatters are harder and stickier. Shatter can be twisted around joints or blunts also. This is referred to as twaxing. Budders and wax are meant to be consumed in dab rigs and vape pens. They are not as sticky and firm as shatter but are known to have better flavor profiles.

There are also several different forms of cannabis oil that may be utilized and consumed through vape pens as well as in many edible forms. All of these concentrates have higher THC, CBD, CVG, THCA, and other essential cannabis compound counts than traditional methods of consuming cannabis such as smoking or edibles.

THC counts start at an average of 30 to 45% and can range all the way up to 99% with cannabis concentrate products such as the Pure. In some way, shape or form all cannabis consumption is medicinal. Concentrates are becoming the choice for many medical marijuana patients thanks to their success at helping with issues such as chronic pain and a wide array of other conditions.

Concentrates should be gradually experienced by the consumer no matter how long they have had cannabis as a part of their life. Starting slow will help you to adjust the amount that is required for you to achieve the desired results you’re after.

Hop on the ganja train and take the express route to medicating with cannabis concentrates. Many people are finding great success in cannabis whole plant therapy as part of their daily regimen. This leads to a healthier happier quality of life allowing individuals to be more focused and enjoy everything about day-to-day activities even more.

The concentrates you need and want are ready and waiting on you. All you have to do is choose what you want, add it to your cart, and checkout. It’s just like buying munchies from the store. Cannabis concentrates available by mail order that come from quality organic craft cannabis are available to be delivered to you.

Using Canada Post and XpressPost you can have these potent blazing and amazing concentrates delivered to you anywhere in Canada via BudXpress. Nunavut to the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, Ontario, all the way to Newfoundland and everywhere in between, there’s no place out of reach for BudXpress.