Cannabis Edibles

Mail Order Marijuana Edibles (Brownies, Cookies, Munchies, Snacks) in Canada

Marijuana and cannabis edibles from BudXpress are made from the highest quality cannabis sold in British Columbia. This collection of cannabis is from old school growers who utilize all natural methods so that the product that they offer allows for the best experience and effect possible. The edibles offered by BudXpress are all organic and Vegan so do not fret if you are on a diet or live a Vegan lifestyle, there are edibles here for you.

Each edible is made fresh when you place your order so that you never have to worry about a stale or ineffective product arriving at your doorstep via Canada Post Xpresspost. Due to the extra attention and preparation time it takes to properly cultivate high-quality and delicious marijuana edibles for cannabis consumers in Canada, and because baked goods are prepared fresh to order, please be aware that orders containing edibles may take an extra 24 hours to ship.

BudXpress offers incredible edibles for medical and recreational cannabis consumers all across Canada from the Yukon and Northern Territory all the way to Quebec and beyond. Edibles are much more than the pot-brownies that you and your buddies made in the college dorm room. The edibles on the market today and the ones offered by BudXpress come in many different varieties.

The CBD oil that is offered here at BudXpress is made from the finest and highest quality cannabis found in Canada. Unlike many other mail order direct cannabis companies, at BudXpress our CBD oil is made from marijuana not from hemp so it offers a complete spectrum of health benefits that you are looking for.

When you are looking for tasty medicines or infused munchies look no further than the edibles sold by BudXpress and shipped mail order direct to your Canada address.