End of Summer Sale

Summer is our quiet time of the year, when we carry less stock than at other points. But it’s just about over, which means it’s time to restock.

And with that we’re giving you an opportunity to save!

Originally running until Sunday, September 4th we’ve extended the sale until the actual end of summer, the Autumn Equinox on Thursday, September 22nd.

From now until then  you can order 2-1/2 ounces (that’s 70 grams) of a single strain for just $550.

That’s a savings of over $125 over what that same amount of bud would cost you normally!

The catch? Well, we’re restocking, so the strains you’ll be able to order will change from day to day as you get a hold of us. Email us on any given day and we’ll let you know which strains we are looking to restock.

Don’t like those strains? Try us the next day, or the day after that, to see if we’ve added anything new to our restocking wish list.

As this is a restocking offer, these orders won’t ship same day, but rather all orders received by Saturday of a given week will ship that Monday.

Shipping Schedule:
Orders placed September 5-11 ship Monday, September 12
Orders placed September 12-18 ship Monday, September 19
Orders placed September 19-22 ship Monday, September 26

So get in and save!

Please note that dollar volume discounts are not available with this offer—but you’re already saving much more than you would with that reduction.

Email us at: BudXpress@tutamail.com
Subject line: End of Summer Sale Available Strains

And remember – if you don’t like a particular day’s list try us later in the week!