A Grade Xpress Pack Gold Combo – 28 grams – $234 sale extended to Feb. 15th

$280.00 per gram


SALE UNTIL February 15th – Just $234 with quantity discount if you buy one ounce, even less if you buy more with our quantity discounts!

28 grams, 2 to 4 strains of our choice

Offering Xpress pack combos is a win-win situation for both us and our customers. It that we don’t end up with left over product because we’ve acquired too much of something that isn’t selling quickly. Where some other sites either substitute without their customers permission, or worse, hold onto product until it’s going stale and still ship it, we give you a price break and ship you our product while it’s still fresh.

With our Xpress Pack Combos you give up the opportunity to pick specific strains, and in return you get a price break on your bud.

The Bronze Xpress Pack Combo is 28g of Bud, divided between 2-4 strains as decided by us, and shipped to you.

Currently Xpress Pack Combos are offered only for A Grade strains of bud.

While you can not select specific strains, you may ask for all indica, all sativa, or a mixture of both. If you have a preference let us know in the notes field of your order.

PLEASE NOTE: The number of strains we ship for any particular quantity is decided by us, and is not something you can request.


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