Raids of Dispensaries continue across Canada

Store front raids continue across Canada, as many police forces refuse to take a wait and see attitude to pending cannabis legalization.

In April two new dispensaries were raided on Vancouver Island, one in Victoria and one on Nanaimo.

Three marijuana dispensaries were raided in Toronto in August, as detailed in articles by the CBC and the Toronto Star. It was heartening to see one of the stores open a day later, however potential criminal record on the part of the owners of these stores endangers their ability to continue in the Cannabis business even if legalization leads to store front dispensaries being the norm across Canada—and that’s if the financial strain of losing their stock, all cash on hand in the store, and substantial legal bills doesn’t drive them out of business and possibly into bankruptcy.

And just today, November 4th, Ottawa police coordinated to raid 6 dispensaries, only weeks after Ottawa Chief of Police Charles Bordeleau said that he’s encouraging city councillors to ask residents to only “file legitimate complaints regarding a dispensary.”

Here at BudXpress we stand in solidarity with dispensary owners. We believe that these raids should stop until legalization is addressed. If a store is selling to minors then we understand enforcement action being taken. But short of criminal activity taking place other than the selling of cannabis, related extracts, and edibles, then it’s