Pending Canada Post Strike – How it affects your orders

With Canada Post employees set to potentially strike beginning as soon as July 2nd, BudXpress has set about finding other means of delivery to ensure that our clients are still able to get the products they need and want.

canada-post-mailbox-logoWe will be couriering items out to customers via a recognized and trusted company to all areas except remote Northern Canada. We are currently looking into delivery options for the North, and even those accessible centers (White Horse, Yellow Knife, etc.) may incur some additional shipping charges.

All orders will continue to ship with Tracking Numbers, and as packages are shipped customers will be informed of the courier company that will be delivering their order.

Please be aware that you will likely have to sign for all orders shipped via courier.

As always, orders shipped to our customers are guaranteed against loss by BudXpress.

Drone Marijuana Delivery in Canada

Drone Marijuana Delivery in Canada

Drone Marijuana Delivery in Canada

The cannabis market in Canada is allowing for a lot of innovative products as well as delivery methods. As this market progresses, we will start to see some great new methods of delivery hitting the market, and they are sure to have you flying high!

Canada has some of the finest organic and vegan marijuana products in the world. Soon you will be able to obtain these products via a new delivery method that is evolving in the Canadian market. This of course being drone delivery. There are companies in Canada, including BudXpress, that will allow for you to place your order for marijuana products online and enter an address where a robotic flying drone can deliver your purchase directly to you, at a place and time that is convenient for you. This option will only be available in a limited number of areas to start, including Vancouver and Toronto.

As legalization progresses in Canada and around the world, we will continue to see more innovative delivery methods, products and companies come into the limelight. This progress is sure to guarantee safe, reliable and discrete access to affordable high-quality and consistent cannabis products in Canada.

Before long you will have access to high-quality A Grade cannabis flowers, extracts, edibles and more from the safety and convenience of your own home.